University of Michigan

I am a course developer and co-director for PIBS 721 (Professional Research Presentation, taught Winter semesters) at the University of Michigan.

In addition to co-coordinating and co-teaching the RELATE workshop, I guest-lecture on communication for departments and organizations across UM's campus.

For five years, I was a teaching assistant for the UM Medical School M-1 Head and Neck sequence, where I taught neuroanatomy. Before finishing my PhD, I also was a graduate student instructor for the semester-long neuroanatomy lecture and laboratory course, and I was a teaching instructor for NEURO 523 (Molecular Neuroscience Laboratory).

I have completed the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching's Graduate Teaching Certificate.


Baylor College of Medicine

I worked as David Eagleman's teaching assistant for Neuroscience and the Law for 2 years.


Rice University

I was a C.P. Snow Fellow with Scientia from 2007-2008; I helped to organize a community lecture series on the topic of 'Memory.'

I also acted as a discussion leader for Bioscience 201 (Intro to Biology), a grader for Computational and Applied Mathematics 201 (Intro to Engineering Computation) and 335 (Matrix Analysis).